Tips from Makeup Experts on Achieving a Natural Makeup Style shares her tips and tricks for creating the ideal makeup look that is both natural and radiant for daily occasions. With her expert tips, gives you her go-to style for everyday occasions. We are a professional wholesale cosmetics company and the agent for many renowned makeup brands. Wholesale cosmetics have established partnerships with most major cosmetic manufacturers in Asia, with sales reaching Canada, America, the United Kingdom, Australia and beyond.

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect daily makeup style. However, one universal rule is that your look should be minimal and straightforward with light colors – yet still look stunning to make sure you stand out at any special event., a professional makeup artist, offers some tips for getting that flawless make-up look in just minutes.


No matter what skin care product you use on your face, it’s essential to follow a regular skincare routine. By doing so, you will require less foundation for your complexion. Start by cleansing and moisturizing your face, followed by moisturizing and toning – priming being an important step to ensure that your makeup lasts the longest possible.

Foundation and Correcting

When applying day makeup, the goal is to achieve a fresh and flawless complexion. Cover any dark circles or spots with concealer that matches your shade closely. Apply foundation onto one end of your hands, mixing in face cream. Spread this mixture onto your face evenly using either a brush or sponge for flawless application.


Apply concealer two shades darker than your skin color to the outer and inner edges of your eye. Leave it on for about a minute before beginning to blend from inside out with your ring finger; since under the eyes is thin skin, less pressure is exerted on it resulting in smoother skin without wrinkles.


Take care to fill in your eyebrows; this will complete your look. Use a spoolie brush to brush them back into place and fill any gaps you find. Repeat this process until your brows appear naturally full and defined.

Eye Makeup

Apply a soft peach or brown shadow over the entire lid, and blend it into the crease. Add some shimmery shadow to center of lid, and blend it in around edges with fingertip. Finally, apply light shimmery shadows to outer corners and below eyebrows without going too far with sparkles.


Line your lash line tightly to give the illusion of full lashes. Apply mascara, then use upward strokes until all lashes are coated in mascara. Make sure to also coat lower lashes with mascara for an even aesthetic.


Try applying a peach or light pink naked lipstick to your lips for an ethereal, subtle tint.


Use the same lipstick you used for your cheeks to create a matching blush for your lips. Apply two dots of blush, then blend them in with a sponge as soon as possible. If there is too much product applied, you can use your foundation brush to lightly dust on more for lighter coverage.


Use a light and shimmery shadow to highlight. To achieve an all-natural look, blend it in with your skin for a radiant sheen.


Since it’s winter, there is no need to apply makeup. However, if your skin is oily, translucent powder can help set everything. Put a dab of powder into your brush, swirl it on your palm first to take away any excess powder, and then lightly apply onto face using lightest touch.