How to Master Your Style Like a Pro: What is my Style?

Do you ladies ever wonder, “What’s my style?” Are you feeling the urge to get out of your fashion rut? Are you inspired by your Instagram photos to update your wardrobe? It’s a good place to start. Continue reading to discover the latest fashion trends and which ones you can make your own.

What is my style: The Free-Spirited Fashionista

You can be whimsical, natural and flowy. These are the words that best describe you. This is the kind of fashion you’d like to see in your closet. You love earthy tones such as sage and terra cotta. We know that you won’t turn down embroidered details. If you don’t like the idea of fitting in with the crowd, wide-leg jeans or kombucha are for you. If this sounds like your style, you might try the Desert Daze, 70s, or boho aesthetics.

Breezy Boho Style

Next time you are wondering “What is my style ?”–think back.” Are you reminiscing about Zoe Kravitz’s festival looks, or the Olsen twins’ Y2K era? Boho style is worth a look if the answer is yes. Boho fashion for women is about relaxed silhouettes and natural fabrics. It also incorporates patterns that are inspired by folk art and nature. Imagine billowy maxi dresses featuring crochet-trim necklines and brown leather boots with fringe. There are many ways to avoid falling headfirst into the land of flower crowns. For a touch of freedom, a pair of espadrille sandals and a lace trim cardigan can be a great choice. Now, let your creative side reign supreme.

Mode for the 70s: Far-Out Style

You are now in a boogie paradise. The 70s style is for you if you love the Summer of Love fashion trends and are a true flower child. Don’t wear skinny jeans anymore. Instead, try slipping into wide-leg or flared pants. These dramatic shapes will bring you back to the 70s and pair well with fitted crop tops. Tie-dye is a great way to add color to your wardrobe. It wouldn’t be 70s without some disco. A sequined bra top, or an off-the shoulder pastel jumpsuit will keep your look fresh. Keep it out of sight.

Desert Daze

Desert Daze is a trend that appeals to those who love earthy colors and festival-ready clothes, but with a functional twist. This style shares the boho-inspired love of fashion that reflects nature but is more practical and uses a desert-derived color palette. Think of colors like gold and rust juxtaposed with cargo pants. Your favorite flowing frocks can be worn, however. For a more practical fit, opt for midis over maxis and reduce the amount of crochet and lace. Don’t worry if this fashion isn’t your answer to “What’s my style?” There are more female aesthetics for you to fall in love.

What’s my style: The Romantic Aesthetic

Are you a feminine, soft, and dreamy person? Romantic fashion might make your heart skip another beat. Romantic style uses pastel colors that include shades of blush, cream, and dusty lavendar. This fashion style isn’t afraid to show off delicate details such as ruffles and lace. Do you have a bucket list item that includes dressing up like Jane Austen? You can add a touch of romance to your style by wearing dresses and floaty blouses. Perhaps “Little House on the Prairie”, is your preferred romantic setting. Cottagecore is your fashion fantasy.

Daydream in Cottagecore

Do you dream of living in the country? Cottagecore may be right for you. This aesthetic was popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic. It embodies idyllic farm living. Imagine yourself feeding chickens in a ruffled-sleeve napdress or wearing a micro-floral skirt with a creamy-white cardigan, while you write your next American novel. You can go all out with puffy sleeves and smocked bodices made of luxurious natural fibers such as pima cotton and linen. Are you not a fan? No worries. A maxi dress can be subverted with wide-leg pants, or utility shorts with a paper bag waist. You don’t need to give up your rural dreamsland in the winter. You can transition to cottagecore’s cold weather sister, cabincore, when fall and winter arrive.

Cozy Cabincore Trend

If you are wondering, “What style do I have?” Are you thinking rustic, cozy, or relaxed? It’s time for you to wrap up in a mountain cottage with a cabincore aesthetic. This look is all about being back to nature during the cold, sleepy months. Classic patterns such as Fair Isle and plaids are the mainstays, while textured fabrics dominate. You can snuggle up in ribbed knits or wooly cable knits while wearing waffle-knit thermals. Imagine yourself sitting by a fireside, sipping homemade cider. If you don’t feel ready to be full Walden, you can start small. This aesthetic can be incorporated into your seasonal wardrobe through staples such as warm shackets and hiker boots. Hibernation mode activated

What is my style: Normcore

Let’s face it. You may be searching “What is your style?” because it is too confusing to deal with all the different styles of women’s clothing. You don’t need to keep up with the latest trends or stand out from others. Why not just blend in? Enter: normcore. This fashion trend is for people who are looking for a signature style that is simple and easy to wear. All neutral colors and silhouettes that aren’t figure-hugging. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for gender-neutral clothing. For everyone, simple pieces such as straight-cut khakis or dad jeans, solid black turtlenecks and loafers work.