Adidas by Stella McCartney unveils first collection by artists

Adidas by Stella McCartney unveiled the first section of its spring/summer collection. It is a tribute for our world and environment. The collection will be available in two parts. The first, “Futureplayground”, was created under the creative direction artists Monika Mogi, Netti Hurley and Anna Pollack, as well as activists like Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Len.

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“Young people today have amazing energy and are full of creative ideas. Stella McCartney, a press release said that the directors and performers who were involved in bringing this conscious effort to life from all over the globe are extremely diverse in their backgrounds and beliefs.

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Monika Mogi in Japan

Cast Yuri Hibon (dressmaker, organic and sustainable farming enthusiast), and Ren Hayakawa (archer, who won a bronze at the 2012 Olympic Games). Hibon discusses how nature helps her sort her thoughts, while Hayakawa talks about how she harnesses her environment’s energy to boost her self-belief as well as her performance.

Netti Hurley, a filmmaker from the U.K., attempts to tell the stories of her generation in a kind and sincere way. For example, Calm and Violet are artists and activists who share their love for equality and passion for art. Georgia Moot is a vocal advocate for mental health and BIPOC community. She talks about how exercising helps her to maintain balance and physical well being. Anna Pollock also cast Lourdes Leon (a next-generation voice focused on female empowerment) and DJ Akili Kings, who are both active advocates for inclusion and the empowerment the next generation of female leaders. Adidas by Stella McCartney explains that they used dance together as a raw expression the power of individuality, and strength of community.

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McCartney adds

“I love to see how each individual works to protect the planet and their community in their own ways, and how each has captured the collection in settings which celebrate their environment – serving as another reminder that it’s so important to strive for its protection.”

This collection was inspired by street sport and the expressive and contrasting prints of female skaters. The collection includes lightweight jackets and oversized training pans as well as knee-long, high waisted shorts that can be paired with crop tops or tights. Stella McCartney aimed to reduce plastic consumption, while Adidas’ Ready temperature management system ensures that the wearer is dry. The collection features Primeblue, a high performance recycled material, as well as Primegreen, which is a high performance yarn with 50% recycled content.

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The Adidas by Stella McCartney line includes the Long Leightweight Parka and the Truepurpose Cycling Shorts. Prices range from 23 to 334 US dollars/17 to 250 British Pounds.