It is an important decision to buy a watch. Before you begin our How to Set Up Your blue fossil watches  Guide, take some time to thank yourself for making this important step.

We also recommend that you take the time to appreciate the Fossil watch that you just bought. You made a good choice. We understand that you aren’t just going to be able to admire your Fossil watch, but also want to use it. This guide will show you how to set up your watch, no matter if you choose from the Fossil women’s collection or the Fossil men’s.

We recommend that you start with our How to set your Fossil Watch up guide if you’re a new Fossil watch owner. For those who are more experienced, you can skip to the section that you need.

How to set the timer on your Blue Fossil Watches?

It is easy to set the time on your new watch. This is also true for a Fossil watch. If your Fossil watch has a date function, setting the time will be slightly different. If you have a date function, skip to the section “How to change your Fossil watch’s date”

These are the steps to change the time on your Blue Fossil Watches

The crown, the small knob at the top of the watch’s head, should be pulled out of the watch.

  • To adjust the hour or minute hands, turn the crown.
  • Bring the crown back towards the watch’s head.
  • That’s all. Now you can rock and roll.

How to change the date of your Fossil watch?

There are two positions where the crown can be placed to set the time and date on your Fossil watch. First, let’s show you how to change your date. It’s easy, it’s that simple.

Once you remove the crown from the watch face, it will be removed completely. This will change the time.

To set the date for the previous calendar day, turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise. Fossil watches or rolex watches are different in the direction they move the date, so take your time.

Trust us, once you have set the date for the previous calendar day, you can change the time.

  • Remove the crown completely from the watch’s head.
  • To advance the time, turn the crown clockwise and keep going until the current day.
  • For today, set the timer.
  • You must fully push the crown in.
  • Remember: Your Fossil watch must be fully pushed in to function properly.

How to Replace Your Blue Fossil Watches Strap?

Fossil watches are extremely customizable. Fossil watches come with an interchangeable strap that allows you to change your look quickly and stylishly.

How to clean the Fossil Watch Leather Strap?

You want to get the best out of your Fossil Watch. Leather is not a good choice for water. Don’t shower or swim with your leather-strapped Fossil watch. We recommend using a soft, dry, clean cloth to clean your leather strap. It’s that simple. There are no fancy oils or treatments.

To further protect your leather Fossil Strap, we recommend that it is kept out of direct sunlight. This means that you should not leave blancpain your Fossil strap on a dresser or window sill in direct sunlight. This doesn’t mean your watch should be left outside.

How to delete links from a Fossil Watch?

You can remove any links from your Fossil watch’s metal strap if you want to keep it the same. Important: You cannot return your Fossil watch as an unwanted product if your custom-made strap is altered. For more information, please contact us.

You will need the correct tools before you can remove any links from your Fossil Watch. These tools can be easily purchased online, either in a set or individually. These items aren’t too expensive and will do the job perfectly so we strongly recommend that you purchase them.

Block holder for watch band

Pin Punch to watch pins

Blue Fossil Watches Hammer  One with a head that has a soft and a Metallic Side

It is best to do this task on a flat surface. Also, make sure you have somewhere safe to keep your watch pins as you adjust the links.

Measure your Fossil watch and determine how many links you want to take out. You can do this by placing the watch on your wrist and closing the clasp. Then, pinch the strap to ensure it fits comfortably. Count any extra links and you’ll know how many to take out. Place the watch on the block holder. Make sure the arrows on the links point down.

To remove links, place one end of the pin pusher on the pin. The other end of the pin pushinger should be pressed against the pin to remove it. The pin will move in the opposite direction to the arrows on the links. Each link must have two pins to attach it to the band. Therefore, you should remove each pin from one link. Place the watch in the block holder so that the arrows face upward to reconnect the strap Blue Fossil Watches or wooden watches.

Double-up two links to ensure that each hole is connected. To connect the watchband back together, insert a pin in each of the holes. To strike the pin into the link, use the soft side the hammer. All pins connecting the links must be secured back in their original positions. Enjoy your Fossil watch by putting it back on your wrist.