Versace Watches: History

The 5-decade-old Versace is compared to the oldest and most well-known watchmakers in the industry like Bulova, Tissot, Citizen. Gianni Versace Watches, a talented Milanese designer, founded the company in 1978.

Gianni was a highly respected and independent designer. He had just launched his first collection for Milanese brands Callaghan Genny, Complice and Genny. He decided to open his first boutique in Milan’s Via Della Spiga after the huge success of his collections.

Gianni Versace was one the few independent designers that had full control over their business from interior design to retailing at that time.

Versace was a dominant brand in the fashion industry and expanded its product line to include jewelry, accessories, and home furnishing. Versace watches weren’t even available at that time.

Gianni’s younger sister Donatella launched two new collections after joining the company in 1993. “Young Versace”, “Versus”, and the Elizabeth Hurley black Versace dress were immediate hits.

Versace was known for his adventurous designs and connections with celebrities like Michael Jackson and Elton John. Versace was frequently called the “Rock n Roll designer”.

Versace is known for using the same models on the runway as for its ads from the beginning.

Gianni Versace Watches Murder

In 1997, the company’s steady year-to-year growth was hit by a major setback when Gianni Versace (the founder) was brutally murdered in front of his Miami Beach home.

Even though his death has been a mystery for decades, it remains a mystery. A Netflix series was recently created to tell the story about one of the most iconic fashion icons of all time, whose tragic end occurred in a shocking way.

His sister Donatella, his beloved sister, resigned from the vice president role to become a creative Director. His brother Santo was named the new CEO.

Versace Watches are Born

Donatella Versace not only kept the brand alive, but she also took it to new heights. She began dressing celebrities because of her connections with Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. The brand’s already stellar reputation was elevated by this move.

She was a businesswoman with a great sense of business and realized the importance diversification. One of her first actions as Creative Director was to create a Versace watch collection.

Donatella knew that a watch is more than just a timekeeper. She believed it was a wonderful way to help people express themselves. She was correct.

Versace’s watch collection was a huge success, especially among those who already wore Versace clothing. The timekeepers were seen as an essential part of the outfit, and a must-have accessory to complete the bold look of Versace.

Are Versace Watches Good Quality?

The overall quality of a watch the brand depends on many factors. The quality-price ratio is my favorite indicator of how great a brand is. It is easy to measure the overall score of a watch company by comparing the value it offers with other watchmakers in the exact same price range.

This is exactly how Versace will be evaluated

We should mention that Versace watches don’t have the lowest prices. Timepieces starting at $500, with some more expensive models going up to $2,000. It is a budget-friendly brand that can be found in mid- to high-end markets.

Is the quality equal to the price?

  • Design & Durability

Versace is a fashion brand first and foremost. This makes it only natural that the watches are designed to match the bold designs of Versace’s clothes. The majority of timepieces are made by top Italian designers, but some are designed by Donatella.

Versace’s timekeepers are an excellent addition to its world-famous apparel. They are a fashion accessory that can be worn with casual or elegant outfits.

  • The key phrase is “Fashion accessory”. Here’s why.

The watches look fantastic and you have a lot of prestige for wearing Versace on your wrist. However, any person considering purchasing Versace should remember that Versace isn’t a watchmaking company. It is a fashion powerhouse. The watch won’t have as intricate movements or workmanship as other watch-exclusive brands within the same price range.

  • The exterior is flawless. Versace watches are built with durable materials that will last for years.
  • You can choose from leather, titanium, or stainless steel bands, depending on your preference.

The case choice when it comes to metal is stainless steel.

These materials, along with the absence of silicone or rubber straps, mean that there are no models that have a sporty appearance. Elegance and style are the key ingredients.

It doesn’t matter what Versace watch model it is, the best news is that it will come with sapphire crystal, which is the hardest-wearing glass material. The dial is the most vulnerable part of any timepiece and should be protected as best as possible. Considering the price of these watches, we can’t expect any other glass.

Versace watches can be water resistant to 30m, 50m, or 100m depending on which collection they are. This rating is quite standard considering that these watches are mostly dress brighton watches.

Precision & Movement

As I have said, I love the look of Versace watches. They are made from high-quality materials and will last for many years. The standard of movements used in large parts of the models is my biggest problem.

Given the high price of all collections, one would expect that the movements will be very accurate and of the highest quality. The vast majority of Versace watches use quartz calibers that are cheaper than those made by Versace. The Ronda 732 caliber, which is made in Switzerland, is a popular choice for watches under $300.

It doesn’t make a difference in precision between a quartz movement of standard or top quality. It is more about how discreet and long-lasting it is. You can expect a +/- 15 second accuracy with battery-powered Versace watches.

Only a few decades ago, quartz movements were not common in Versace timepieces. The brand recognized that a customer who is willing to spend +$500 on a designer watch deserves more than a regular quartz caliber. The number of automatic watches has increased over the past few years.

It is not difficult to see that automatic timepieces require more skill and time. Automatic timepieces are often more valued by watch enthusiasts.

Quartz watches have the advantage of being more precise than automatics. While the accuracy of +/- 15 seconds/month is quite common for battery-powered watches, automatic watches can lose more seconds per day. This is usually compensated by an automatic model’s longer life span, provided they are properly maintained.

Versace uses Swiss movements. ETA 2842-2 is a popular choice. This durable caliber ensures precision of up to +/– 7 seconds/day and as high as +/– 20 seconds/day. Although it isn’t anything that will make your jaw drop, it is still an acceptable result.

Versace Watch Warranty

A 2-year warranty is included on all watches purchased directly from Versace or through authorized retailers.

All manufacturing defects that occur during the guarantee period are covered. Normal wear and tear damage will not be covered by the guarantee.

You can get a full refund if the watch doesn’t suit your needs within 30 days of purchase. The warranty does not cover full refunds after the 30-day period expires.

Versace Watch Collections

Versace’s watch collection has grown significantly since 1998 when the first model was launched.

All watch collections feature the same iconic styling and imaginative shapes, but each collection has its own unique twists and designs.

There are currently 13 Versace watch collections available at the time of this writing. Here is a quick description of each as well as a list of the most sought-after models.

Versace Dylos

The Dylos collection redefines style thanks to its unique octagonal case and high-quality craftsmanship.

Dylos timepieces have a different look depending on whether they are for women or men. The chronograph watch edition is for men, while the three-hand beauty standards version is for women.