Best Tips – How to promote your clothing brand online

Best Tips – How to promote your clothing brand online

Your marketing strategy should include digital marketing and promotion in today’s digital world. We’ll be discussing the different methods available to promote your brand using online resources.

Make your brand memorable

Your branding should be visible from the beginning, through your swing tag design and all the way to the bottom of your clothing line. Even a logo that you have created using a logo creator. You should place it on your clothing line. It is crucial to define your brand’s identity as soon as possible.

Design Your Line

This is the point where you have finished designing your clothing line. You also created tech packs that include detailed information about each piece, including fabric and trims. Each piece will have been made from samples, and will be tested for quality.

Partner with a manufacturer

Your manufacturing partner will help you to bring your vision into reality. You will have a contract in place to produce at least one run of your collection. It can be done with local or international production suppliers. allows you to search for production partners in every niche, from anywhere in the world.

You should have a launch date in your mind

When starting a clothing business, it is important to know the launch date. Although it is possible for the date to change throughout your business’ development, having a launch date will help you start on a timeline that has no end date and will allow you to move forward with your business. This can make planning difficult and cause you to delay in making decisions about certain parts of your plan.

What are you doing so far?

Once you get to the stage of creating your marketing plan, and then figuring out how to market your new fashion line online effectively, you have already made significant progress with your company. You have probably completed the following steps.

A website is your starting point

A website is essential if you intend to sell products. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. A website is an online representation of your brand. You might consider starting a blog to help educate customers or share your vision.

You have bought your domain, set up an email server, and now you need to plan what the next steps are. Plan how much of the website setup can you do yourself and how many you’ll need help with. You will need to take into account several important aspects when setting up a website.

Web Design

There are many web design services available, from professional websites design companies to building your own website. You will need to know some web design skills to assist with the initial setup, functionality, and ongoing maintenance.

Photo Editing/Photography

Professional websites require professional-looking images that aren’t taken with an iPhone in poor lighting. Customers need to feel that your business is professional. Your website’s imagery must reflect this professionalism, from your homepage to your product pages. Consider not only the product images you will use on each page of your site, but also campaign imagery. These will all be important in creating your brand identity.


Sometimes, copywriting is a neglected aspect of a website. This is why it’s often overlooked until you are faced with the task of filling your pages with content. A freelance or temporary copywriter can help you to voice your brand’s tone on each page.

SEO Knowledge

Online business owners know that knowledge is power. Therefore, the more you learn about SEO, the more your website will succeed. While running a clothing company and all the other responsibilities that go with online selling, it can be difficult to find time to study the best ways to present your website to search engine results. By hiring someone who is an expert in SEO, you can make the most out of each page on your website. This will allow you to optimize the content for search engines and ensure that customers are able to find you among the many competitors competing for the top 10 spots on Google.

Google Analytics

The first step in your online journey is setting up your website. Clicking publish will take you to the next. But, the real success lies in growing your business and learning from every customer to improve your online presence.

Images are Key

Professional websites require high-resolution images. For each product page, you will need product images. You also will need PR shots of your clothes.

Consider how you plan to create your key shots for your first site launch. They will be used for social media and press releases that are sent to PR firms and publications. These images should reflect the brand’s image and highlight the products in the most effective way. It’s possible to create a stunning photoshoot yourself, but it’s worth looking into hiring a professional fashion photographer in order to get the best results.

Social Media

Different business goals should be met by different social media channels. You should not mistake this type of promotion for having just a few accounts on social media and posting to Instagram or Facebook with no strategy.

Organic Social Media

This is the type promotion that you can do for free through organic social media. This is the format for your daily posts. If you don’t have a large following, this promotion can help to increase awareness.

User-generated content (UGC) is a form of organic social media promotion that involves customers posting photos of themselves wearing your product, followed by a repost to your official page. It has become a very popular promotional tactic. Fifty percent of consumers said that it is more likely to get them to purchase.

Paid Social Advertising

Posting to social media is no longer a profitable or valuable strategy. Organic reach has a conversion rate of 2%. You should consider the fact that social media advertising is now a “paid-for” business when you launch your campaign.

Paid posts can reach beyond your followers on Instagram and YouTube. With targeted audience selection you can determine your ideal customer and make all your important posts visible to people who are most interested in them. While paid social media promotion has proven successful for many brands, you may not see the results you desire.

Influencer & Blogger Outreach

What began as obscure marketing-speak is now one the hottest methods of promotion and marketing in the fashion sector. Influencer marketing or blogger outreach involves having influential social persons promote your brand on their platforms in the hope that they will become your customers. 92% of marketers using this method found it to be “highly efficient,” which is a significant proportion of those who have happy customers.

While blogger outreach and influencer marketing may be part of your social-media plan, it is now an integral part of many global brands’ marketing strategies. There is a lot of space available, so it’s worth hiring a blogger outreach specialist. They have a list and contacts and can help you connect with the best influencers in your niche.

Instagram was part 93% all influencer campaigns in 2018, almost double the amount of Facebook and YouTube. Forbes reports that the best influencer campaign is when both the creator and brand collaborate to create authentic content for their followers.

In 2019, the influencer trends are predicting a rise in the use of influencers. Brands no longer look at the top 10 influencers they work with, but instead build lists of 100-1000 creatives to rely upon for their influence. This builds a network with ambassadors with smaller followings, but more overall impact.

You can help with Influencer Marketing if this is your first time using the internet:

  • BuzzSumo
  • Traackr
  • Tomoson

SEO Starting From the Start

SEO is not something you can achieve overnight. Get a professional to assist you from the start. Working on SEO from the start will ensure that you improve your Google rankings. SEO will help you avoid having a site that isn’t up to par and needs major overhauls several months later.

Your Blog

Your online promotion strategy might include adding your brand’s blog to the website. Your website will appear higher in Google searches when you provide quality, relevant, and regular content. Customers will feel more trust when you invest heavily in your blog.

Many link-building strategies are discussed but not enough information is provided about what they are or how they work. It is important to remember that quality is more important than quantity when you seek link-building. If you want to build real, high-quality backlinks to your site, then it is essential that you only provide content worth linking to. This is where blog articles really shine if they are done well.

Video Content

Marketing professionals know that video is the best medium to produce useful content for visitors. While you already know that video is a powerful way to get customers to interact, did you know how much success video has had in online marketing? Let’s find out some shocking facts from about content marketing.

  • 45% of people watch YouTube and Facebook videos for more than an hours per week.
  • 87% online marketers use video content
  • YouTube is viewed more than 500,000,000 hours every day
  • 92% share videos with friends on mobile video.
  • Social video shares 1200% more than text and images combined
  • Video drives a 15% increase in organic traffic through SERPs

A landing page that has a video will be 53% more likely for it to show up on page one of the SERP.

We could continue. We could go on.

Email Marketing

Experts in the field have feared the demise of email marketing. Everyone is too busy focusing on Instagram. DMA reports that 99% of consumers still read their emails each day. Many people check their inboxes up to 20x per day. These astounding statistics indicate that email isn’t going anywhere.

Relevance is the most important element of email marketing. It’s not surprising that only 9% of email marketers are confident that all their emails will be relevant. You should think of relevant, useful and interesting content you can send your customers to their inboxes. This will ensure that they don’t receive an automatic delete or worse, the “Report Spam & Unsubscribe” button. It can be difficult to build an email database. You can use a slogan to encourage people to leave their email address on your website, such as “Leave Your Email for 10% Off Your First Order!”

How to Promote Your Clothing Brand On Social Media

You now have an understanding of the seven strategies that you need to market your fashion brand. Now it is time to concentrate on the one marketing strategy that you should focus on more: social media. It is becoming increasingly important to connect with potential customers and engage existing customers via social media platforms. This is especially true when it comes promoting a clothing line.

Your brand’s social media platforms are not the only ones that can help you. It’s true that Instagram users will be more interested in a brand than LinkedIn users. However, it is still important to diversify social media fashion marketing efforts so you can reach the largest customer base. Brand loyalty is the key to fashion marketing success. To build brand loyalty, you should cast a wide net to allow word-of-mouth to spread the word.