Jill Tavelman: Phil Collins’ Ex-wife

Jill Tavelman, an American actress, is well-known. She is the ex-wife to the famed American singer and drummer, “Brand X”, “Genesis”, and “Phil Collins Big Band”. She is a proud member of a prominent family but she is humble and steadfast, which has earned her the respect of many viewers.

  • Let’s take a look at Jill Tavelman’s Net worth Income Salary 2021 report details.
  • The Net Worth of Total Jill in 2021 is $1 Million to $5 Million (approx.

Jill Education

Jill graduated from high school with good grades and was accepted to the University.

There is currently no Information JillĀ 


At the moment, Jill and Jill are still in a strong relationship. There are no complications or problems. They share a mutual love for one another and an affection.

  • Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Jill is a good height and has good body measurements. She also has a decent body weight that matches her height.

  • Social Media

Jill has attracted attention on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in recent months, with thousands of active followers.

Who is Jill Tavelman Husband?

She was married to Phil Collins. They were married in 1984. One daughter was born to them, Lily Collins (b. 1989), who went on to become an actress. After problems in the marriage, Collins had two affairs while on tour with Genesis in 1992 with Lavinia Long, a former classmate from drama school. They were once engaged but ended their relationship before they got married. Collins stated openly that he was no longer in love with Tavelman, and filed for divorce in 1994. The divorce proceedings were finalized in 1996. Collins also paid PS17 million to Tavelman as part of the settlement.

What is Jill’s net worth? She was the Beverly Hills Women’s Club’s former president. Her net worth is over $24 Million (USD).

Jill Tavelman Facts

  • Jill and her husband, John, were divorced on December 5, 1996.
  • She is known as Lily Collins’ mother.
  • Jill’s parents were Canadian Jewish immigrants. They owned a Beverly Hills men’s clothing shop for many years.
  • She is not active in social media.
  • She is a passionate pet lover.