A Beginner’s Guide to Korean Fashion

Korean Fashion

Basic but complicated

If you look at Korean Fashion as a whole it consists of a range of different outfits. From a skirt and jumper to matching patterns with loads of jewellery. Despite that, each outfit gives off the same vibe. Most street outfits consist of skirts paired with a jumper or long denim jeans with a striped top. They mostly have basic clothes with accents to show off certain parts of the outfit. But it can sometimes get really complicated. Korean Fashion utilises unique accessories, big bold colours and different patterns to spice things up. These features have really drawn me to K Fashion and I’m enjoying it. I personally shop from Yesstyle as they provide very cheap but fashionable clothes. If you’re interested you should check them out.

Everything is oversized

Sometimes I feel like Korean fashion consists of oversized clothing. It can be paired with everything; that’s probably why it’s a staple look. Street style tends to include oversized jumpers paired with skirts or an outfit with oversized jeans jumper and normal top. I feel like doing this adds a laid-back vibe to the look and I feel like that is the style for many people. It’s definitely a go-to look. Talk about oversized jumpers.

Use of skirts

Skirts are in about 60% of outfits that I have seen to do with K Fashion. I think this is one of the main reasons I like it so much. In my life, I don’t really get to wear skirts that much and now I’m in love with them so …. All types of skirts are worn but mainly mid-length fitting ones. However, you can make the skirts do whatever you want.

Bold Colours.

As you probably know you normally create an outfit around an accent colour. However Korean Fashion takes it to another level. The use of bold colours like yellow, purple and blue catches your eye. When I first started looking at Korean Fashion this really shocked me. Sometimes an outfit is created with only one colour but different shades. I find this very interesting as normally my style isn’t like this. Seoul Fashion week was a few weeks ago and there were so many colours I was in awe. I have said to myself that I need to change-up my style and this seems like a good place to start.


Accessories are a must. They spice up your outfit and can take it to another level. Accessories like earrings and glasses can really make or break some outfits. These accessories can sometimes be the accent part of the outfit and bring the piece to life


People are not afraid to match patterns in South Korea and most of the time it works. Patterns from stripes to checkered clothing they are all matched together to create a beautiful outfit that leaves many people in awe ( including me). Many people also use this as a chance to match with people. You find couples, brothers and sisters matching with each other in sometimes very detailed designs.